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Monday, 22 November 2010
Sachen gibts.... 

Hi Folks,

Years ago, when I signed up for Tripod's service. I did not forsee the future very well, nor realize how important my website would become to my business. Therefore, as an artist, I thought that it would be cute to use Old F-artist as a user name. This has been fine, even though with no -, or capitals in the user name, it comes out old_fartist. I still think it's cool, but I am now asking people to send me money through my shopping cart, and I can only guess what they must think when they give their credit card info to "old_fartist. Hell, it even makes me nervous.

Is there any way of changing the user name with out screwing up the whole website?


Dumm gelaufen, wa. Dachte zuerst der macht Witze, aber nein, ist tatsächlich soLaughing

Posted by webdesign-brandenburg at 9:59 AM EST
Sunday, 21 November 2010
Webdevelopment und Webdesign
Topic: Webdesign Brandenburg

Nun, gehört ja zum guten Ton dass der erste Post eines Blogs auf die Motivation und das Thema eingeht.

Webdevelopment und Webdesign sind allerdings dermaßen ausgetreten und strittig definiert, deswegen soll an dieser Stelle einfach auf bereits existierende Auffassungen verwiesen werden, so dass sich jeder Interessierte selbst ein Bild machen kann.

Posted by webdesign-brandenburg at 11:24 AM EST

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